RoboPong was my senior design project during the Spring 2008 semester at UT. The goal of the project was to create a mechanical realization of the classic game of Pong. This was accomplished by having a system to track the ball’s position on the game board and calculate a prediction of where the ball will be when it reaches one of the paddles. The paddles will then receive that information and move to the corresponding prediction. Once the ball is in front of the paddle, it will strike the ball to send it back.

The entire design was broken down into three phases: construction, hardware, and software. The hardware and software phases can be further broken down into three modules: tracking the ball, striking the ball, and moving the paddle. The programming was done in mostly C and some assembly on the Motorola 6812 microcontroller. The project was worked on as a team of four with 14 weeks to complete.

YouTube video (link):