Adobe AIR/HTML/JS: Restaurant Tables

My experimental app with Adobe AIR – visualize and manage available and occupied tables in a restaurant.

CSS/HTML: Equal Spacing with CSS3

A CSS3 solution to space objects equally inside a container.

CSS/HTML: Tournament Brackets

Due to the lack of tournament bracket code available, I’ve created a W3C valid bracket design that does not use tables.

jQuery: jqModal IE7 Black Flicker Bug

Quick workaround for a pesky jqModal bug that only occurs on IE7.

jQuery plugin: Bottom event

Adds a “bottom” event that will be triggered when the user has scrolled to the bottom or within proximity to the bottom of an element. This is essentially a the same as my previous scrollLoader plugin, though more generic for other use cases.

jQuery plugin: Scroll Loader

jQuery plugin to load extra content when the user scrolls the window or an element towards the bottom. This is probably most useful when you want to use Ajax to load the extra content.

PHP: Implementing the Bean Pattern in PHP5

An easier way (than Java) to implement the bean pattern in PHP5.

PHP: Twitter Badge

A caching Twitter badge written in PHP.